Entrepreneur's Last Stand

In the world of cutthroat business, where ambition meets morality, "Entrepreneur's Last Stand" offers a unique gaming experience. Players are presented with three distinct characters, each facing their own entrepreneurial challenges. Will you be The Rogue Entrepreneur, driven by relentless ambition, The Corporate Intrapreneur, battling bad corporate decisions, or The Forced Entrepreneur, struggling to provide for their family?

Key Features:

1. Character Choices: - The Rogue Entrepreneur: Embrace the ruthless path to success, making any sacrifice necessary.
- The Corporate Intrapreneur: Navigate corporate politics and ethical dilemmas, striving to protect clients.
- The Forced Entrepreneur: Build a business from scratch to provide for your family after being fired.

2. Pemyar Currency: - Earn Real Currency: The game's unique feature allows players to earn Pemyar, a digital crypto currency that can be converted into fiat currency such as the USD, Euro, Or Yen.
- Free Business Services: Spend your hard-earned Pemyar on services like software development, web hosting, and more to aid your in-game journey.

3. Real-World Integration: - Real Locations: "Entrepreneur's Last Stand" features real places in Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and the Miami area.
- Discounts and Freebies: Players can unlock discounts and enjoy free food and services in these real locations, bridging the gap between the game world and reality.

4. Neru Lending Services: - Real Loans and Credit: In partnership with Neru Lending, players can access real loans, lines of credit, and build business credit within the game.
- Real-World Services: Explore the real-life services provided by Neru Lending to support your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Experience the entrepreneurial world like never before in "Entrepreneur's Last Stand," where your choices determine the fate of your character, and where your in-game success can lead to real-world rewards, loans, lines of credit, and business credit offered by Neru Lending. Will you sacrifice ethics for profit or make a stand for what's right? Your journey begins now.

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Release Date: 05/15/2024